World Tuna Day NFT now for SALE!

First Edition MakiSwap World Tuna Day NFT is now up for sale!



With the overall NFT market interest reaching all-time highs and the mainstream media adopting this whole new concept, the Non-Fungible-Tokens and the whole technology behind it doesn’t seem to go away. With Makiswap’s upcoming platform release, there is no better time to announce the listing of the “World Tuna Day” NFT on Rarible.

The first official MakiSwap NFT is now up for sale!

  • A total amount of 100 copies are available
  • 58 World Tuna Day Makiswap NFT will be up for sale for 1 ETH per copy
  • 42 will be airdropped to the holders of the Unilayer Dragon NFT shortly after the MakiSwap’s NFT sale is complete

If you are interested in owning the first Makiswap NFT World Tuna Day” NFT please click on the rarible link on this Medium post.

Yummy utilities that you can wear

We have multiple incentives and great utilities that come with the World Tuna Day NFT, this will be announced in the next weeks!

The sale is now LIVE on Rarible:

Keep calm and eat MAKI