In regards of the BetFi situation

2 min readDec 24, 2020

It is with a heavy heart that we share with you the news about the problem that we encountered during the BetFi sale on the Unilayer Launchpad, on Sunday, Dec 20th the BetFi sale concluded on the Unilayer Launchpad, we then had to retrieve the ETH from the contract so we could setup the liquidity for the BetFi team on Uniswap, while we tried to retrieve the ETH the contract kept coming back to us with a gas error, we had two developers test this contract on testnet environment and we also had a reputable auditor go through the contract’s code, still a number of people missed that function. Although this is no excuse for what happened, it did and it was a very unfortunate event for all of us at the Unilayer and BetFi team.

The Solution:

The BetFi team is committed to continuing the development and launch of their project, the Unilayer and BetFi teams are in talks with the LID-Liquidity Dividends Protocol team and BetFi will be launching a second sale on the 1st of January 9:00 PM PST. The Unilayer team will support BetFi and LID in every way possible to market the sale and make sure that all the people that participated in the first sale get their BFI tokens and participate in the upcoming project launch.

The Unilayer team is committed to keep going with the project, this was a very BIG HIT for the whole team as a whole, but this unfortunate event will hopefully make us stronger and we we’ll learn from this and become a better project/team that you all deserve.

Additionally we will be setting up a bounty of 10% of the total raise for anyone that can re-engineer, solve the problem and can come up with a solution that can hopefully help us retrieve the ETH from the Launchpad contract.

Here is the contract in question: