MakiSwap Snapshot Announcement

3 min readApr 4, 2021


We’re are extremely excited to finally bring you the MakiSwap Snapshot date and airdrop details, we know that you all have been all patiently waiting for this moment and we’re so happy to finally reveal to you all the Snapshot and Airdrop details!

What is MakiSwap?

MakiSwap is an AMM and Yield Farming platform built on Huobi Eco Chain (HECO) and the first that will offer a more robust trading experience from all AMMs Such as:

  • Trading View Charts
  • Limit Orders
  • Stop-Limit Orders
  • Real time analytics
  • Order books
  • SOY Bar Pools
  • NFTs
  • HUGE VC Backing

All these trading tools powered by Unilayer will be natively integrated within the MakiSwap platform, making it the first AMM to have a more robust trading experience for both experienced and new traders.

You can view the MakiSwap app here:

How do I claim the MAKI airdrop?

We will be adding a CLAIM button on the MakiSwap website, where you will be able to claim MAKI tokens if you meet the following requirements:

  • You must hold a minimum of 500 LAYER tokens at the time of the snapshot to qualify for the MakiSwap airdrop.
  • You must hold your LAYER tokens on your Metamask wallet (ETH or BSC) or any other self custody wallet, hardware wallet where you have full control of your private key(All Exchanges addresses are excluded from this airdrop) and also if you are staking your LAYER you’re also eligible to claim the MAKI airdrop as long as you were staking more than 500 LAYER at the time of the snapshot
  • The snapshot will take place on May 2, 2021 @ 5:00PM ET (NY TIME)

What is the rate per LAYER token for the MAKI airdrop?

Everyone that is a LAYER holder or a Staker will be able to claim at the following rate:

1 LAYER = 0.25 MAKI

For example: If you have 1000 LAYER tokens then you will be able to claim 250 MAKI tokens, the more LAYER tokens you hold before the Snapshot date the more MAKI you can claim.

Dev wallets are excluded from this airdrop, MAKI tokens can only be claimed with the circulating supply for LAYER:

20,022,298 LAYER (circulating) * 0.25 = 5,005,574 MAKI to be claimed

The MAKI Tokenomics will be revealed in a few days from now right before the MakiSwap v1 Public launch along with the VC list and more cool news!

You MUST claim your MAKI tokens before 6 months after the airdrop is LIVE otherwise the claim function will expire. MAKI will be able be claimed in the month of June — Claim date To be Announced

Stay calm and eat MAKI

World Tuna Day MakiSwap NFT

To celebrate the Snapshot date for the MakiSwap airdrop we will be releasing a new NFT “World Tuna Day” on May 2nd, this will be our Second limited edition Unilayer NFT. All current owners of the first edition NFT “Unilayer Dragon” will get this MakiSwap NFT for FREE!

  • There are only 100 of them 42 will be given away to the current Unilayer Dragon NFT holders (airdrop will happen after the MakiSwap NFT sale on rarible)
  • The other 58 NFTs will go on sale for 1 ETH each on
  • The “World Tuna Day” NFT will have added utility that will be announced later in the Month of May! So keep your eyes open :)

About UniLayer

UniLayer is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Multi-Chain solution, a set of smart contracts, sitting on top of the Ethereum Blockchain (as infrastructure) and operating on UniSwap (as code logic) by providing users with an extensive toolset for automating their trading and liquidity operations on UniSwap.



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