MINTR is Revolutionizing the NFT Marketplace space by bringing art galleries to your home

“Fallen Earthlings”
“space yoga”

Welcome to the world of MINTR

“any problem”

So, what the heck is MINTR?

  • NFT Minter (ERC-721 & ERC-1155)
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Multi-Chain support
  • NFT Art Gallery
  • Earn passive income by renting your NFTs

What sets MINTR apart from most NFT Marketplaces?

What will MINTR bring to the mainstream artist and people?

“Hunting ground”

How will MINTR benefit the Unilayer Ecosystem?

“Shaman Transcendence”

IDO Sale on the Unilayer launchpad

“Nature Bonding”

Upcoming MINTR Airdrop for LAYER token holders

“On hold”



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