MINTR is Revolutionizing the NFT Marketplace space by bringing art galleries to your home

4 min readMay 2, 2021


After a very successful snapshot for the MakiSwap airdrop earlier today, UniLayer is introducing a new upcoming product that plays a key part in the Unilayer Ecosystem “MINTR”, like any other Unilayer product MINTR will also have an airdrop for all LAYER token holders.

“Fallen Earthlings”

NFT (Non-Fungible-Tokens) is a fairly new industry that has been around for a few years hence the word “Fairly” the NFT space has recently seen an explosive growth in the past few months, this is mostly due to the mainstream media attention NFTs are getting and also thanks to celebrities, artists and influential people in social media.

“space yoga”

Welcome to the world of MINTR

MINTR is a digital NFT marketplace that is part of the Unilayer Ecosystem and will change the NFT space by bringing a digital art gallery/museum to people all around the world. MINTR is a new and fresh concept that we know artists have always been looking for, even more with most of the world being on lockdowns, people can’t physically attend to an art gallery, museum, etc.

Why not bring the museum and art gallery to your home?

“any problem”

So, what the heck is MINTR?

MINTR is a digital NFT marketplace that will offer unique added functionalities and out of the box features that you‘d normally see on most NFT Marketplaces. The main difference is that collectors and artists will be able to earn passive income on their NFTs, some of the key features of MINTR are:

  • NFT Minter (ERC-721 & ERC-1155)
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Multi-Chain support
  • NFT Art Gallery
  • Earn passive income by renting your NFTs

What sets MINTR apart from most NFT Marketplaces?

The main difference is that MINTR will allow collectors and artists to earn passive income with their NFTs MINTR via the use of smart contracts, for example let’s say you bought an NFT that is currently worth a lot of money, right now you only have a set of limited options, you can only either HODL it/collect it and hope that one day someone will pay more than what you previously paid and make a profit on it.

Put your NFTs to work!

What will MINTR bring to the mainstream artist and people?

Like we said before MINTR is not just some ordinary NFT marketplace but a NFT HUB packed with new features that will bring NFTs to the masses by introducing a digital art museum where artists and collectors can rent out their art to many museums all over the world. People can attend these art galleries and museums through VR (Virtual Reality) and have a guarantee that they are looking at the original version of the NFT live thanks to VR Technology.

“Hunting ground”

How will MINTR benefit the Unilayer Ecosystem?

Unilayer’s ultimate goal was to always explore new ways to build out its ecosystem, by developing new products and services Unilayer is prepared to be here for the long term, unlike most crypto projects, Unilayer builds products that generate revenue even during bear markets, pandemics, etc. All of these products and services will ensure that the Unilayer project and Ecosystem will be here for many years to come.

“Shaman Transcendence”

IDO Sale on the Unilayer launchpad

MINTR will have a public sale on the Unilayer Launchpad that will give priority to LAYER stakers. IDO details and IDO token sale date will be published on another medium post in a few days.

“Nature Bonding”

Upcoming MINTR Airdrop for LAYER token holders

Just like every other project and product that becomes part of the Unilayer Ecosystem comes with an airdrop that will ALWAYS reward the LAYER stakers and holders alike. Without the Unilayer community we would not be here right now, we simply owe it to it you guys. That’s the reason why we always look for ways to reward the long term holders and the believers of the Unilayer project and Ecosystem as a whole.

“On hold”