New Horizons for Blockchain Gaming With Gaia Everworld

6 min readAug 31, 2021

We have decided to shift MINTR, a dynamic online NFT marketplace, into the NFT gaming realm and metaverse. MINTR is rebranding to Gaia Everworld from this point forward.

The reason is that we see a massive opportunity in the NFT gaming space. With Axie Infinity acting as a proof-of-concept, we think Gaia Everworld can improve the example that Axie has created.

While NFTs are popular, the potential for NFT-based games is likely larger than most people realize. There are no gatekeepers in the NFT gaming ecosystem, which means that people from all over the world can participate in our platform.

The NFT gaming community is already global — and it has a potential user base that may grow to be billions of people. We want to help people everywhere get the most from blockchain-based gaming — and Gaia Everworld is our solution.

What happens to the MINTR VR Art Gallery?

The MINTR VR Art Gallery will live within the Gaia Everworld metaverse going forward, artists and collectors will be able to create events through the MINTR gallery in Gaia Everworld!

Gaia Everworld is Next Generation NFT Gaming

Gaia Everworld blends classic fantasy narratives with state of the art blockchain and NFT technology. In the multi-realm gaming environment we created, players will be able to use their Gaia Legionnaires to wage campaigns, defend lands, and other immersive activities.

Like many other games, like Pokemon, or Clash of Clans, Gaia Everworld allows players to own their characters, and interact in a dynamic environment with other human players all over the world.

The gaming environment allows for players to choose a homeland, which will give their NFT-based Gaia special powers, as well as weaknesses. Our game uses a play-to-earn model, so that players have a financial incentive to join and play.

Play-to-Earn is the Future

It is impossible to ignore how popular Axie Infinity’s play-to-earn model has become. For many people, it turns gaming into a profitable activity, and also supports people in areas where other forms of income are difficult to obtain.

To be sure, the ability for people to play a video game as a job is extremely compelling. Until blockchain-based gaming was developed, most people simply didn’t have the skills to become a pro gamer.

We think that with NFT-based gaming, the doors to a new kind of online economy have swung open, and if we look at how quickly Axie Infinity has grown, it isn’t difficult to see how this gaming sector could become a global economic force in the coming years.

A Smashing Success

Platforms like Axie and Gaia Everworld are taking technology and existing gaming ideas and bringing them together in a powerful format that has global reach.

Axie Infinity has been able to drive its token price higher by 600x in just one month, and now a major derivatives exchange is listing its token. Along with a token price that is rocketing higher, Axie has attracted millions of users from all over the world.

In the same way that the 1990s saw numerous fighting games hit the market, and World of Warcraft created a massive market for MMORPGs, Axie Infinity has broken the ice, and we think it demonstrated that the potential market for play-to-earn NFT-based blockchain games is massive.

Gaia Everworld: The Next Major NFT Blockchain Game

In Gaia Everworld, we offer players the ability to exist in a multi-realm online environment and participate in both PVP Battles and Legion Mode. The game centers on Gaia — a mythical creature that can be bred and owned in the form of an NFT.

The underlying goal of the game is to have the strongest collection of Gaia. With these NFT creatures, players can battle other players in the game, and conquer the lands of Gaia Everworld.

Of course, Gaia can be bred and added to a collection of other Gaia — or sold to other players. The two tokens that make the platform work are $GAIA, which can be staked, and $GGP, which is needed to breed Gaia.

We created a system that allows:

● Holders of $GAIA can stake coins to earn $GAIA.

● Players to earn $GAIA and $GGP (Gaia Growth Potion) by playing the game and participating in events and adventures.

● Players to trade or sell their Gaia, Gaia eggs, land and resources in the Gaia Everworld marketplace.

● Players to loan their Gaia to other players in a peer to peer contract. The owner then earns a percentage of the $GGP earned by the loanees game play.

It is easy to see how we designed Gaia Everworld to offer tremendous advantages to gamers who are accustomed to the gaming platform owning and controlling the entire platform.

With NFT based games, players are also the owners of the game, and can control the platform to a much higher level than ever before.

Top-view protecting base game mode

Breeding Gaia for Fun and Profit

One of the biggest parts of the Gaia Everworld experience is breeding Gaia. To do this, a player needs to have a breedable Gaia, some $GAIA token and Gaia Growth Potion ($GGP)

Once a Gaia has been bred, it will acquire characteristics from its parents, just like any animal does. Gaia can only be bred a limited number of times, and some are more fertile than others.

Overall, we think the design of Gaia Everworld will both attract gamers, and keep them engaged in the platform as they have a great time — and stack up valuable tokens that can be traded for other tokens on DEXs, or spent directly as more people enter into the Gaia Everworld ecosystem.

A New Saga is Beginning in Gaia Everworld

The dramatic campaigns that evolve in Gaia Everworld will be amazing for anyone who participates, but they could become a popular form of entertainment for spectators as well. We plan to launch a weekly series based on the game in 2022.

With massive player engagement, and the ability to turn playing Gaia Everworld into an online income, it is simple to see how Gaia Everworld could transform the online gaming space in a very short amount of time.

The next generation of gaming is here. Players are expecting big things from NFT-based blockchain games, and we are going to exceed expectations for anyone who loves blockchain and gaming!

We are committed to attracting new players to GAIA ecosystem and will be distributing 15 million GAIA tokens via an airdrop on October 31st of this year. The airdrop will distribute 3% of the total supply to Unilayer (LAYER) holders, exchanges and contracts will be excluded from this snapshot/airdrop. Since MINTR is rebranding to Gaia Everworld we have decided to move the snapshot date from September 14th to October 31st

Unilayer airdrop requirements:

  • Hold a minimum of 1000+ LAYER on a self custody wallet (No exchanges will get the airdrop)
  • The first snapshot was already taken on July 31st (this snapshot now counts towards the GAIA aidrop)
  • 15 million $GAIA tokens allocated for the airdrop in total
  • The first snapshot total token airdrop was already taken for a total of 7.5 Million GAIA tokens
  • The second snapshot date changed to October 31st
  • Top 300 holders will receive 3 $GEC NFT’s

Gaia Elite Club

Before the 31st October the Gaia Elite Club will open its doors to the NFT collectors space. There will be a total of 10,000 Gaia Elite Club $GEC NFTs, more details will be announced soon.