New Horizons for Blockchain Gaming With Gaia Everworld

What happens to the MINTR VR Art Gallery?

Gaia Everworld is Next Generation NFT Gaming

Play-to-Earn is the Future

A Smashing Success

Gaia Everworld: The Next Major NFT Blockchain Game

Top-view protecting base game mode

Breeding Gaia for Fun and Profit

A New Saga is Beginning in Gaia Everworld

Unilayer airdrop requirements:

  • Hold a minimum of 1000+ LAYER on a self custody wallet (No exchanges will get the airdrop)
  • The first snapshot was already taken on July 31st (this snapshot now counts towards the GAIA aidrop)
  • 15 million $GAIA tokens allocated for the airdrop in total
  • The first snapshot total token airdrop was already taken for a total of 7.5 Million GAIA tokens
  • The second snapshot date changed to October 31st
  • Top 300 holders will receive 3 $GEC NFT’s

Gaia Elite Club



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