The Unilayer Launchpad goes LIVE

It is with great pleasure to finally release the Unilayer Launchpad LIVE to the public, projects can now fill out the application form on our launchpad and go through a vetting process to ensure that we only bring you top quality projects with good use cases and great dev teams, additionally while working on the Launchpad release, we’ve also made great progress with the development of the Unilayer V2 app expect to get some updates very soon!

Link to the launchpad:

The Unilayer Launchpad

The Unilayer Launchpad protects investors by having smart contracts do the heavy lifting, you don’t necessarily have to trust the teams behind these projects that launch on the Unilayer Launchpad. There will be a smart contract that will mint the tokens, that will automatically lock the liquidity pool on Uniswap for a minimum period of 6 months and that will lock and vest the team tokens on a vested contract.

What are the benefits for LAYER token holders?

  • LAYER stakers get 1% of the ETH raised for ALL projects that launch on the Unilayer Launchpad
  • LAYER holders get priority to participate on ALL projects that launch on the Unilayer Launchpad, there will be a minimum of 7500 LAYER to enter on the priority queue — This feature will not be live upon launchpad launch but will get added shortly after as we onboard more projects to the launchpad.
  • LAYER stakers can get FREE tokens as a flash staking reward (airdropped instantly) Projects will have a choice to airdrop a % of their total supply to the Unilayer stakers ranging from 1% to 3%.
First Launchpad Project BetFi

Betfi Token Sale date: December 10, 2020

Total supply: 100,000,000 BFI

Tokens for sale: 20,000,000 BFI

Min contribution:1 ETH

Max contribution: 50 ETH

Soft Cap: 500 ETH

Hard Cap: 2500 ETH


Betfi consists of a set of smart contracts aiming to provide end-users with advanced gambling features, fairness, staking functionality and true random number generators. The system will have its own native token BFI which will be used to rewards, fee payment, governance and liquidity mining.

Betfi is completely trustless, fair and decentralized with no KYC. Betfi is launching with 3 in-house games that are currently running and and can be tested on Ethereum Ropsten Testnet. Besides their awesome in-house games, Betfi also offers great incentives and use cases for BFI token holders by sharing the platform profits to their BFI stakers, the stakers are eligible to receive 80% of the total generated fees in ETH as a reward paid out daily.

Betfi DICE game
Betfi Roulette game
Betfi Texas Hold’em game
Betfi Staking platform

We are also happy to announce that Unilayer will partner with Betfi to launch their token sale on the Unilayer platform, Betfi will add the LAYER token as one of the first tokens to be used on all their games in their gaming platform.

And that’s not all! Betfi will also share 5% of ALL profits that are made on the Betfi gaming platform to all the LAYER stakers for one year! Additionally 2% of the total supply from Betfi will be shared among all of the Unilayer holders in the form of an airdrop, a snapshot will be taken soon, so expect an announcement of the snapshot in a few days!

Betfi Social Media links: