UniLayer and NFTLootBox form a Strategic Partnership with the Upcoming UniLayer NFT Marketplace

Dear UniLayer community,

We are extremely excited to share with you our most recent strategic partners: NFT LootBox , this strategic partnership will ensure that we have great quality NFTs for you once we launch The UniLayer NFT Marketplace to the public!

What is NFT LootBox?

NFT LootBox is an innovative Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Project allowing users to Stake the LOOT token to earn Coins. Coins can then be used to open NFT Loot Boxes. The Loot Boxes contain a variety of NFTs — some produced In-House and some from other popular NFT Projects and Artists. NFTLootBox.com is a fairer and more exciting way to distribute NFTs. Now Everyone Has A Chance To Get Rare and Valuable NFTs

LOOT has a low supply of 40,000 tokens. The token allocation is broken down as follows:

  • 10,000 Team and Unsold Tokens are locked for a year

Here you can view an example of their quality NFT work:

CZ — CEO of Binance RARE CARD

To celebrate this strategic partnership NFT Loot Box has minted 10 copies of the LEGENDARY LAYER NFT card

From the 10 copies of the LEGENDARY LAYER NFT cards NFT LootBox team and UniLayer will be raffling 1 to a lucky winner, we will be doing this through twitter to keep your eyes open and expect this to go down very soon!

The other 9 LEGENDARY LAYER NFT cards will be distributed as follows:

5 LEGENDARY LAYER NFT cards will go to the UniLayer team — to be distributed between 5 lucky LAYER stakers! more details of this event will be announced soon

4 LEGENDARY LAYER NFT cards will go to the NFT Loot Box team which they will use for their LOOT boxes.

NFT LootBox team:

“We are working with UniLayer on future integration with their upcoming Rarible-like NFT Marketplace.
To celebrate their upcoming NFT Marketplace launch, we have also created an exclusive Unilayer NFT. Only 10 copies available. Ever.

LAYER NFT by NFT LootBox — Legendary and Limited Qty

NFT Loot Box socials:




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