Unilayer appoints one of the Industry’s leaders Auditing firms, Chainsulting will be the auditor for the Unilayer Launchpad

Unilayer, the DeFi project building on top of Uniswap recently announced their upcoming Unilayer Launchpad, the platform where investors’ interest and security will always be the top priority for all IDO (Initial DEX Offering) that launch on the platform. All the projects that are successfully launched on the Unilayer Launchpad will go through a security audit done by Chainsulting. This strategic collaboration will definitely increase the security of the Unilayer Launchpad and will give great confidence that the projects that come out of the Launchpad will be audited by the best security auditing firm in the crypto space.

What is the Unilayer Launchpad?

The Unilayer Launchpad protects investors by having smart contracts do the heavy lifting; you don’t necessarily have to trust the teams behind these projects that launch on the Unilayer Launchpad. There will be a smart contract that will mint the tokens that will automatically lock the liquidity pool on Uniswap for a minimum period of 6 months and that will lock and vest the team tokens on a vested contract. This however does not mean that we will allow just any project to use the Unilayer Launchpad. We will make sure that we bring you the best of the best to protect our investors’ interest at all costs.

The Unilayer Launchpad IDO features are Team token locks, Launchpad’s liquidity locks, safer Initial liquidity offerings, or public sales. Unilayer‘s ultimate goal is to protect investor’s interests and provide investors a safe way to invest by using smart contracts in a permission-less and trust-less way.

What is Chainsulting , and what services do they provide?

Since 2017, Chainsulting’s security team has audited more than 300 smart contracts, covering public blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, EOS, Fabric and Tezos. The audit report service has been recognised by dozens of well-known crypto companies and has been covered in several top 10 lists. Hundreds of customers served by Chainsulting have expressed high recognition and appreciation. Chainsulting is also well known as Germany’s leading experts of Blockchain and digital assets. They offer a wide range of services such as blockchain development, smart contract security audits and consulting.

For more info please visit Chainsulting’s website: https://chainsulting.de

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