Unilayer & DEXTools partnership and integration!

UniLayer is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) solution, a set of smart contracts, sitting on top of the Ethereum Blockchain (as infrastructure) and operating on UniSwap (as code logic) by providing users with an extensive toolset for for their overall Uniswap, Sushiswap and soon to come other DEX platforms.

DEXTools is Built on top of the most popular decentralized exchanges like Uniswap and IDEX, the DEXTools platform offers users industry-leading trading tools putting them at a tremendous advantage over other traders. Currently, DEXTools offers Trading View charts, live price readings, whale alerts, bot activity, new pool/pair listings and large transaction tracking.

Unilayer and DEXTools have entered in a partnership agreement and will be both integrating their trading solutions on their respective platforms.

What does this integration consist of?

DEXTools is willing to integrate Unilayer’s Limit and Stop-Limit order smart contracts for all token pairs on their website after Hacken completes the security audit and DEXTools own technical evaluation takes place. This will give thousands of their users ease of access to set limit orders for all tokens pairs supported on DEXTools.

Unilayer will get priority access to DEXTools V1 API that is set to be released in a few weeks from now, this API access will provide Unilayer DEX with real time on chain data for all token pairs for liquidity, prices, trade history verifiable on chain with etherscan.io and much more.

How will both of our communities benefit from this?

As many of you all know Unilayer and DEXTools primary goal is to provide tools, use cases and benefits to both of our communities, simply because community means everything to us.

Here is how this integration will benefit Unilayer stakers/token holders:

All limit orders that take place on the DEXTools platform will use Unilayer’s limit order smart contracts, but the fee structure will slightly change, this however does not affect the Unilayer fees collected on ETH that gets sent to stakers, that remains the same.

Unilayer Stakers will still get 92% of all ETH collected from the 0.2% service fee that Unilayer takes per trade, the only difference is that for all trades that take place on DEXTools the 8% that goes to the Unilayer team and will get shared equally with the DEXtools team, in other words the DEXtools team gets 4% and the Unilayer team gets 4%.

We feel that this integration is mutually beneficial for both projects, DEXTools gets an average of 120,000 unique daily users which consists about 10% of all Uniswap traffic, all of those users will now have access to more robust trading tools thanks to this partnership and integration.