Unilayer Launchpad is launching GAIA Everworld IDO

We’re excited to finally launch our first IDO on the Unilayer Launchpad, GAIA Everworld is an Play to earn metaverse game, a project that is also part of the Unilayer Ecosystem and will launch on our Launchpad on November 1st.

What is Gaia Everworld?

Exploring the kingdoms will make players face different creatures while on their quests. Additionally, all areas of the map give players various rewards in terms of items. These items can then be used to upgrade your characters, and breed them for Gaia Eggs.

Thanks to Unreal Engine, each of these kingdoms comes to life as players start exploring. The graphical engine from Epic Games creates atmospheres thanks to improved ways to display lightning. In addition the graphical engine excels in showcasing the tiniest details thanks to its Nanite technology.

With vast landscapes and intricate gameplay, Gaia Everworld is on the path to becoming one of the most immersive blockchain-based games. Taking after famous names in the industry like God of War, Gaia Everworld players will get to experience each movement of their characters as they battle monsters and complete quests.


Buy, sell, create and trade important items that will help along with your exploration of Gaia Everworld. The marketplace allows players access to new Gaia characters, newborn eggs, Sorcerers potions, Jewels and even the Land they rule. On the other hand, sellers can set a price for what they are selling or leave it in an auction where buyers try to outbid one another to secure the Gaia and goods they most desire.


Some Gaia characters can produce more offspring than others. However, to avoid hyperinflation or overpopulation, a super fertile Gaia can reproduce a maximum of ten times. Importantly, some Gaia characters will be limited to fewer offspring. This will depend on the growth of the game and other economic factors.

How to participate in the GAIA Everworld IDO?

Requirements to participate on the GAIA IDO:

  • Have 1000 LAYER(Polygon) or more on your Metamask wallet
  • GAIA Token price: $0.16 USD which is equal to 0.1 MATIC
  • Total Tokens for sale: 312,500 GAIA ($50K)
  • Total Raise: 26,900 MATIC
  • Minimum allocation: 53 MATIC ($100)
  • Max allocation: 530 MATIC ($1000)

Don’t have LAYER on Polygon yet?

Direct Link to Polygon bridge:

Unilayer PoS token contract in Polygon: 0x9A37814d1eC68cA5f8aaB205f628869f3926cE3E

This is the first IDO of many more to come that will be launching on the Unilayer Launchpad, each IDO will require you to have a minimum amount of LAYER in your wallet in order to participate, the higher the raise the more LAYER you will need to have in order to join our future IDOs.

Follow Gaia Everworld on social media:
Website: https://gaiaworld.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gaiaeverworld/

Medium: https://medium.com/@gaia-world

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/EGT7c4RVfs

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GaiaEverWorld

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/GaiaEverworld