Unilayer Launchpad is launching GAIA Everworld IDO

What is Gaia Everworld?

Gaia Everworld is an immersive 3D gaming experience, which allows players to fight with each other, complete quests, and earn GAIA tokens in the process. The Gaia Everworld map consists of eight different kingdoms — Abyssen, Petria, Moltania, Shoreland, Auralis, Oakendor, Caven, and Zapparos. Each of the kingdoms comes with its own unique landscape as well as creatures that inhabit it.


While battles can break out everywhere in the eight kingdoms of Gaia Everworld, there is one place where an eternal truce has been called — the marketplace. This is where players from all factions can come and trade together.


Another important feature in the Gaia Everworld universe is breeding. The breeding mechanism in simple terms is creating a new Gaia character based on the genes of the Gaias you already own. Repeatedly breeding the same Gaia will increase the cost of $GAIA token and Gaia Growth Potion ($GGP) required for a successful reproduction. Importantly, the higher the breed count of a parent, the stronger the new Gaia is likely to be.

How to participate in the GAIA Everworld IDO?

On November 1st you will be able to participate on the GAIA Everworld IDO on the Unilayer Launchpad when the countdown runs out. Since GAIA is a Polygon based ERC20 token we have upgraded our launchpad to support Polygon Blockchain.

  • Have 1000 LAYER(Polygon) or more on your Metamask wallet
  • GAIA Token price: $0.16 USD which is equal to 0.1 MATIC
  • Total Tokens for sale: 312,500 GAIA ($50K)
  • Total Raise: 26,900 MATIC
  • Minimum allocation: 53 MATIC ($100)
  • Max allocation: 530 MATIC ($1000)

Don’t have LAYER on Polygon yet?

You can get LAYER form QuickSwapDEX or you can bridge your ERC-20 LAYER tokens to Polygon by following this tutorial: https://unilayer.medium.com/tutorial-how-to-bridge-from-ethereum-to-polygon-d60d5614e289



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