UniLayer V3 AMM launching on Polygon this year!

3 min readAug 18, 2021

Dear Unilayer community,

We want to start by thanking you for being part of this great journey with us and we’d like congratulate to and wish a Happy 1 year anniversary to all of our amazing holders that have been with us since the beginning.

It is simply incredible to look back and see how far we’ve come. When we first launched Unilayer our goal was to create a platform that allows users to place limit orders on Uniswap, but we have grown into a full DeFi platform that supports many blockchains and have created a full fledged ecosystem that expands to many other markets.

It is now time to share the big news — Unilayer V3 AMM

We announced the upcoming release for our Version 3 app a few weeks ago, but during that time our team had an internal discussion and decided to also build our own AMM on Polygon, why build an AMM? simply put: we just love to build new things and to innovate and adapt to emergin trends, with that being said all of the current Unilayer products will be natively integrated with the Unilayer V3 AMM platform, and we will still offer all our trading tools on on other chains.

When Launch?

The Unilayer V3 AMM is set to launch on Polygon before the end of this year. Why Polygon? Polygon is one of the most popular Layer 2 solutions for Ethereum, we know that gas fees can be a problem for many, especially when you are an avid trader and love to have more trading tools at your disposal such as limit orders, by being on Polygon not only you will save A LOT of money on gas fees but you will also experience a more robust user experience that you would normally find on a Centralized exchange, but without entrusting your funds to a centralized party.

Unilayer V3 AMM will offer the following products:

  • DEX with limit orders
  • DEX Aggregator
  • Charts and analytics
  • IFO Platform
  • Farming and Staking
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Lottery system
  • Crosschain compatibility with MakiSwap
  • Limit orders will incentivize liquidity for LAYER/MATIC pool

How will this benefit the Unilayer Ecosystem and the community?

With this added utility, we’re confident that LAYER tokens will become even more scarce, the max supply is currently 40,000,000 LAYER and there’s about 50% of the total supply currently in circulation, by setting a % of the total supply towards liquidity provider/farming rewards we should see a healthier a more liquid market for the LAYER token.

We will have staking and farming pools at the Unilayer V3 AMM at launch that will attract people to lock LAYER tokens and earn high APYs. Additionally we will also add a Lottery system and IFO platform with a burning mechanism that will make the LAYER a deflationary token. We are also adding LAYERx farms and a pool to benefit LAYERx holders. We have also a new trading fee model that will have great incentives to add liquidity, and to become a Unilayer staker, we’re confident that these incentives will increase monthly payouts from the Unilayer platform.

In short Unilayer V3 AMM will offering the following:

  • We will use a % of the total supply of Unilayer for these rewards that will get distributed on a 5 year period.
  • Staking, limit orders, farming, lottery, and IFO platform
  • LAYERx farms and pools
  • New trading fee model to incentivize Liquidity providers and grow the liquidity for LAYER/MATIC pair and other core pairs.