UniLayer V3 AMM launching on Polygon this year!

It is now time to share the big news — Unilayer V3 AMM

When Launch?

  • DEX with limit orders
  • DEX Aggregator
  • Charts and analytics
  • IFO Platform
  • Farming and Staking
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Lottery system
  • Crosschain compatibility with MakiSwap
  • Limit orders will incentivize liquidity for LAYER/MATIC pool
  • We will use a % of the total supply of Unilayer for these rewards that will get distributed on a 5 year period.
  • Staking, limit orders, farming, lottery, and IFO platform
  • LAYERx farms and pools
  • New trading fee model to incentivize Liquidity providers and grow the liquidity for LAYER/MATIC pair and other core pairs.



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